The Karmapa and Tibetan Buddhism

The Karmapa and Tibetan Buddhism

Karmapa tradition Lama has acquired the Dominican citizenship hurting relationship with India.

• The 13th Religious Conference of the Schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon Tradition, which was scheduled for November 29 and 30 in Dharamshala, has been postponed
to indefinite period.
Reason for Postponement: The reason for this tussle between the Government and Karmapa is Karmapa’s decision to acquire citizenship of Dominica country in 2018.

  • As a result, despite several attempts from the Karmapa for a visa, he has been denied to visit India.

Karmapa: Karmapa is the head of one of the four main sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Karmapa means the embodiment of all the activities of the Buddhas.
  • In the Tibetan tradition, great enlightened teachers are said to be able to consciously control their rebirth in order to continue their activity for the benefit of all sentient beings.
  • The present Karmapa is Ogyen Trinley Dorje, is the 17th in the line of Karmapa incarnations.
  • They are issued the Identity Certificate in India (the yellow card issued by Indian govt. to Tibetans for ease of travel).

Tibetan Buddhism:
Tibetan Buddhism combines the essential teachings of Mahayana Buddhism with Tantric and Shamanic, and material from an ancient Tibetan religion called Bon.
• Although Tibetan Buddhism is often thought to be identical with Vajrayana Buddhism, they are not identical – Vajrayana is taught in Tibetan Buddhism together with the other vehicles.
• Buddhism became a major presence in Tibet towards the end of the 8th century CE.

Groups within Tibetan Buddhism:
Nyingmapa: Founded by Padmasambhava, this is oldest sect, noted in the West for the teachings of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Kagyupa: Founded by Tilopa (988-1069), the Kagyupa tradition is headed by the Karmapa Lama. Important Kagyupa teachers include Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa.
Sakyapa: Created by Gonchok Gyelpo (1034-1102).

Gelugpa: (The Virtuous School) Founded by Tsong Khapa Lobsang Drakpa (also called Je Rinpoche) (1357 – 1419), this tradition is headed by the Dalai Lama.
New Kadampa Tradition: one of the major Buddhist schools in the United Kingdom, founded by the Tibetan-born Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Some Buddhists and non-Buddhists regard the NKT as outside the mainstream tradition.

Special Features of Tibetan Buddhism:
• The status of the teacher or “Lama”
• Preoccupation with the relationship between life and death
• Important role of rituals and initiations
• Rich visual symbolism
• Mantras and meditation practice