Taj Mahal vision document

Taj Mahal vision document

The Supreme Court of India asked the Uttar Pradesh government to soon finalize the vision document on protecting Taj Mahal.

• The process of finalizing vision document would be completed within a “few days” and as per terms of reference they would submit it to the Uttar Pradesh government.
• Some of the initiatives the Uttar Pradesh government plans on implementing to ensure the protection and preservation of Taj Mahal are:

  • Sealing polluting factories,
  • A no-plastic zone, and
  • A ban on construction activity on Yamuna floodplain

• It is being prepared by School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi.
• The first draft of the heritage plan for Taj Mahal will be submitted to the UNESCO once prepared.
• The SC also dealt with the issue of declaring Agra as a heritage city.

Issues Related to Vision Documents:
Non-Comprehensive: The vision document does not provide the complete list of industrial units functioning in Agra.
Authenticity of the document is under question: Recently, the Supreme Court raised its doubts on the authenticity of the vision document and demanded to know if the UP government or the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) authority were actually aware of the present number of industrial units in the zone.

Non-Scientific: Further, some experts observed that the draft vision document was prepared without taking any scientific advice and it was anti-industry.

Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ):
• The TTZ is an area of about 10,400 sq km spread over the districts of Agra, Firozabad, Mathura, Hathras and Etah in Uttar Pradesh and the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.