PM Narendra Modi invoked poet Sant Ravidas on his birth anniversary to urge people to end caste discrimination.

• PM recently lay the foundation stone for the development of Ravidas’s birthplace in Varanasi on the eve of Sant Ravidas Jayanti.
• The saint was said to have been born in the village of Seer Goverdhanpur which is located near Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi.

Saint Ravidas:
• He was a North Indian mystic poet-saint of the bhakti movement during the 14th to 16th century CE.
• He was a social reformer and a spiritual figure.
• He is considered the founder of the Ravidassia religion.
• Tradition and medieval era texts state that Ravidas was one of the disciples of the Brahmin bhakti saint-poet Ramananda.

Literary Works:
• The Adi Granth of Sikhs, and Panchvani of the Hindu warrior-ascetic group Dadupanthis are the two oldest attested sources of the literary works of Ravidas.
• In the Adi Granth, forty of Ravidas’s poems are included.
• The songs of Ravidas discuss Nirguna-Saguna themes, as well as ideas that are at the foundation of Nath Yoga philosophy of Hinduism.