Pampa Valley Civilization Artefacts Discovered

The excavation of Terracotta artefacts unearthed on the banks of river Pampa in Kerala  provides the evidence to the presence of, Pampa Valley Civilization.



• The sighting of the terracotta works hints at ancient civilisation in the Pampa Valley, somewhat similar to the Indus Valley Civilization.

• The broken terracotta pieces were of Naga images, a male bust, female face, ornaments, etc.

• It remains contested among historians and archaeologists about the time period to which these artefacts belong. For some, it is 2000 years old, but others are identifying artefacts as of middle ages.

• Aranmula finds mention in the 13th century text ‘Tirunizhalmala’ that hints at the presence of education centres in Aranmula.

• The Aranmula Parthasarathi Temple, a Vaishnava temple mentioned in many Tamil classics, is one of the major temples located in Aranmula, Kerala.


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