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The world’s largest irrigation and drinking water system.


• The Kaleshwaram Project is a lift irrigation project being implemented in Telangana.

• The source of the water is the river Godavari.


• Designed to bring drinking water and irrigation to the parched areas of Telangana, a total of about 225 thousand million cubic feet (TMC) of water will be drawn through it from the Godavari river basin.

• Once the project reaches its full operational capacity, it is expected to make Telangana an economic power because farmers will be able to sow two crops, and thousands of crores worth of fishing industry would flourish in the fresh water in this project alongside tourism and water sports.

Why Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project is Unique

• It has many unique features, including the longest tunnel to carry water in Asia, running up to 81 km.

• The project would also utilise the highest capacity pumps, up to 139 MW, in the country to lift water.

• By the time the water reaches Kondapochamma Sagar, the last reservoir in the system about 227 kms away in Gajwel district, the Godavari water would have been lifted to a height of 618 metres from its source at Medigadda.
– The project had to be built at such a size and scale because while the Godavari flows at 100 metres below Mean Sea Level, Telangana is located at 300 to 650 metres above MSL.

Water-Sharing Agreement between Telangana, Maharashtra

• In March 2016, the Telangana government had entered into an agreement with the Maharashtra State government, putting an end to the decades-old differences and objections over the issue.

• About 141 to 180 TMC would be harnessed during the 90 flood days of Godavari from August to October.


• The Godavari River rises in the Trimbakeshwar in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, only about 50 miles (80 km) from the Arabian Sea, and flows for most of its course generally eastward across the broad plateau of the Deccan (peninsular India).

• It passes through Maharashtra, Telangana (and, for a short stretch, forms the border with Madhya Pradesh state to the north) and Andhra Pradesh.

• In the Bay of Bengal, it empties via its two mouths, the Gautami Godavari to the north and the Vasishta Godavari to the south.

• It is the 4th largest river of India after Indus, Brahmaputra and Ganga.

• It has the 3rd largest river basin after Ganga and Indus and is followed by Krishna and Brahmaputra.

Polavaram Project

• Polavaram is a multi-purpose irrigation project located on river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh.

• Polavaram project dam being built on River Godavari can help divert and utilise Godavari water to Krishna and other rivers.

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