52nd Boori Boot Yullo festival was held in Arunachal Pradesh.

• Boori Boot Yullo festival is fortnight-long festival celebrated exclusively by Nyishi tribes in Arunachal      Pradesh.
• Boori Boot means getting together to welcome the spring and successful harvest.
• It is believed that the festival evokes the spirit of Boori Boot, who will bless them with all the happiness, and free from every kind of disease.
• A special puja is performed by the priest – Nibu, followed by an animal sacrifice for the mankind to be blessed with prosperity and be free from diseases.
• Another aspect of the festival is that people apply ‘etting’ or flour on their face and body.

Nyishi Tribes
• Nyishi is the largest community in Arunachal Pradesh, and are mainly settled in                             Daporijo, Upper Subansiri Locale and Raga and Dollungmukh ranges of Lower                                 Subansiri Region of Arunachal Pradesh.
• They also live Assam.
• Polygyny is prevalent among the Nyishi, though the is diminishing especially with the                  modernization.
• They trace their descent patrilineally and are divided into several clans.